Winning in the Game of Life™


Winning in the Game of Life™ is a schools’ curriculum-based programme that is designed to build young people’s emotional and spiritual intelligence leading to lifelong good relationships and improved self-esteem.


The content of the programme helps to develop a number of fundamental life skills:


– To help children understand cause and effect, foreseeing the consequences of their actions;


– To impact the level of happiness and satisfaction that they can bring into their lives by making wise choices;


– To give them the ability to see and feel from another’s perspective, being caring, sharing and respectful of others;


 – To know their purpose in life, to develop their potential and share with the community and the wider world.


The Programme has three levels of learning essentially covering Years 4, 5 and 6 of UK schools’ Key Stage 2 classes and is followed by a programme for teens, which can be taught at secondary school level.

In 2013 a UK pilot of the programme confirmed the results of an earlier US study conducted by RAND Corporation.  The success of the pilot re-enforced the educational and social value of the programme and offers an opportunity to roll out the programme on a national basis. Discussions are underway with a number of key strategic partners to help facilitate the necessary associated product training and distribution.


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